1. Jan, 2015


As I studied the Word of God, the Lord spoke to me strongly as I came to a particular area in my studies. Mark 4:36 got me pondering..."And leaving the crowd (multitude), they (disciples) took him with them in the boat, just as he was. and other boats were with him."
Really, having studied the chapter and the chapter that followed contextually, I got a deeper revelation for the race of 2015.
Firstly, the race of 2015 entails us (the Children of God) to dissociate ourselves from the crowd (multitude).. we must not do what they do, we must not say what they say, we must not go where they go, etc... we must careless on what they will say... we must leave the crowd behind(NIV)...
Secondly, a stern warning of taking Presence of Jesus along(NIV) in our boat of life as the only sure guarantee for any arising storms of life along the race of 2015 was given. Note that, there is a clear difference in carrying the person of Jesus thru His Spirit who lives in us but not giving Him expression and recognizing that His presence yarns for expression at all times thereby glorifying Himself thru us. The disciples leveraged on His presence even in the face of turbulent waves and windstorm along their journey to the other side.
Thirdly, the safety of others boats that followed(NLT) were ensured. That was a wise decision. Let all other compact-departmentalized boats of our lives be also submitted to Him in 2015 without holding back any.. with this, total safety is ensured. Let's determine to give Him all of our lives for total preservation and power manifestation.
Fourthly, because there was a Destiny Rescue Operation urgently needed to be attended to on the other side (At Gerasenes) in Chapter 5, all hells let  loosed and decided to terminate the operation on the high-sea. Same way, because your glory is so magnificent in this 2015, the hells would want to rage. But do you know what...? The Victory is ascertained.
Lastly, We are facing the race of 2015 from the victory point of stand. The presence of Jesus makes all the difference. The presence calmed down the turbulent waves and windstorm. It also terminated the long time insanity from the life of a helpless demon-possessed man. All round Victories were recorded with His presence.
So, my brothers and sisters, let's all gun for His presence, let's cultivate His presence, and let's all be real secret dwellers of His presence (Psalms 91) in this year 2015.
May the Lord Bless us richly throughout this year as we take heed to His divine instructions. It worth it to take Him in our boats of life as we leave the crowd behind, for us to forge ahead towards our destination of victories in 2015.